Diagnostic Imaging

Sometimes, physical examination alone is not enough to tell us what is going on with your pet.

At Sam Bass Veterinary Wellness and CTCH we have invested considerable education, time, and financial resources in an effort into obtaining and offering you and your pet the most advance imaging and laboratory equipment available.

  • In-House Blood Work
  • Digital Radiography
  • Ultrasound
  • Digital Thermal Imaging
  • Stance Analyzer
  • And more!

From routine, in-house blood work which allows us to look at internal organ function, to digital radiography which allows us to look at the bones and organs themselves, we have it all.

When further diagnostics are needed, the doctors at Sam Bass Veterinary Wellness and CTCH can also perform an ultrasound to look at the organs in real-time, cross-sectional anatomy to get even more details.

We make use of digital thermal imaging to view areas that may be inflammed or causing pain and discomfort to your pet. Additionally, our stance analyzer allows us to detect lameness earlier than with a regular physical exam, as well as track treatment progress.

Two team members taking an x-ray of a cat

All of these instruments allow us to obtain more information regarding your pet’s condition in order to present you with an effective, targeted treatment plan in order to help your pet get back to health and wellness more quickly.