Dog Rehabilitation and Conditioning

If you have ever-had surgery or injured yourself, you may be familiar with physical therapy (PT).  In veterinary medicine, PT is called rehabilitation and conditioning. The goal is the same:

Help your pet return to form and function sooner rather than later, many times with fewer medication and complications.

Dr. Murphy is a CCRP (Certified Canine Rehabilitation Practitioner) and applies dog rehabilitation and conditioning to all of his patients.

What might dog rehabilitation and conditioning include?

Immediately post operatively, your pet will receive:

  • a laser treatment in which columnated light is applied to help stimulate the body to heal itself and assist with pain control
  • medications to alleviate pain
  • ice to reduce swelling
  • passive range of motion exercises where indicated

These are just a few examples of treatment modalities that will be incorporated to help your pet feel better. Moving forward through recovery, Dr. Murphy will make your pet a customized post-operative rehabilitation schedule to speed your pet’s recovery.

Again, this may include laser, ice, manual therapy, medications, or even acupuncture. This is the fun time where you as mom and dad will get involved and help your pet recover as we will teach you many of the exercises and activities for can perform at home.

Dog Rehabilitation and Conditioning in Round Rock, TX