Farm Animal Veterinarian in Round Rock, TX

Obtaining proper large animal veterinary care is critical for those who rely on their animals for their livelihood, such as farm owners. At Sam Bass Veterinary Wellness our farm animal veterinarian has the skills and the know-how to be able to properly evaluate, diagnose, and treat your farm animals, whether it is a minor issue or a more extensive one such as a surgical procedure.

Types of Farm Animals We Treat

We provide checkups, testing, and treatment for a wide range of farm animals, including:

  • Cows
  • Pigs
  • Goats
  • Sheep
  • Chickens

*We currently do not treat equines.

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Farm Animal Veterinarian in Round Rock, TX

Routine Physicals and Nutrition Consults

Annual nutritional evaluations, physicals, and dental exams can ensure that your animals stay healthy. During this process, your veterinarian will evaluate your animal’s feeding habits and nutritional needs as well as give them a thorough check for any physical or dental ailments that need treatment.

Dental Procedures

If one of our veterinarians finds a dental issue, they can treat the condition to allow your animal to eat better and reduce their risk of a dental infection. Extractions and cleanings are sometimes necessary to not only maintain good oral health but also improve their overall physical health.


A vital part of preventative health care is regular vaccinations. A vaccination schedule should be tailored to your animal’s risk factors and administered according to the schedule to prevent the spread of illness throughout the animals on your farm.

Parasite Treatment

Parasite control and treatment can keep your animals healthy and prevent them from spreading it to other animals on the farm. Screening usually involves an annual fecal inspection and plans to control the spread if parasites are detected.


We have a wide variety of diagnostic tools to assess your farm animals ailments and come up with a proper diagnosis. Testing procedures we offer include radiological services, to evaluate injuries and certain medical conditions, and complete bloodwork panels. Running bloodwork regularly can screen your animals for illness and also ensure that their body is functioning as it should. 

Surgical Procedures

We have the capability to perform a variety of needed surgical procedures, such as castrations, field surgeries, growth removals, and laceration treatment.
You farm animals are an investment, and you can better protect your investment, by contacting us to schedule your routine large animal care.