Pet Surgery

We know bringing your pet in for surgery is stressful and we want to reassure you that the staff at Sam Bass Veterinary Wellness and CTCH is highly trained in all aspects of anesthetic monitoring, patient care and comfort. The doctors, as well, will be right there throughout the entire event.

Important Things to Remember About Your Pet’s Surgery:

  • We will call you the night before to confirm your pet’s appointment and give you all the instructions you will need and happily answer all y our questions.
  • The morning of surgery, one of the technicians will review the procedure, the estimate, and answer any remaining questions you may have.
  • Once ready, the technician will take your pet back and get him/ her set up and comfortable for the procedure.
  • Time is allowed for your pet to settle in prior to any presurgical lab work or placement of an intravenous catheter.

Your Pet’s Ease and Comfort are our Primary Concerns

The veterinarian performing surgery on a pet

Pain Management

Pain management is essential for comfort, as well as, success of our planned procedure and rest assured our staff is highly trained in all pain management modalities.

Safe Anesthesia Practices

During surgery, we will closely monitor your pet’s vitals to insure a smooth anesthetic event.

Extensive Surgical Experience

The doctors at SBVW and CTCH are highly trained in all areas of surgery from soft tissue, orthopedic, neurological to oncological surgery. Dr. Murphy himself completed a surgical residency and has years of experience in the referral community prior to joining Sam Bass Veterinary Wellness and CTCH.

Comfortable Recovery

Following surgery, again, your pet’s comfort is essential; therefore, the technician will assure a warm, comfortable recovery cage with all your pets needs met.

Open Communication

Following recovery, the doctor and/or technician will call you and review the procedure and let you know your pet is doing well. And as always, the staff is available to answer your questions any time day or night.

Post-Operative Treatment Plan

A post-operative treatment plan will be formulated and we will get your pet home to you as soon as possible.