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Exceptional veterinary medicine begins with a deeper understanding of a pet’s physiological systems. Veterinary medicine is often far too reactive, where pets are treated in a limited way once a health issue has become problematic. Our veterinarian takes a far more holistic and proactive approach based on your pet’s unique situation. We integrate cutting edge medical tools and techniques along with research based alternative therapies to provide transformative capabilities in healing your pet and improving their health and happiness.

This is a game changer.
Because your pet deserves no less than the best.

Round Rock VeterinarianOur veterinarian provides a smarter approach to wellness…

Veterinary Services

From traditional care to more advanced surgical, regenerative and rehabilitative care, we’ve got you covered. We approach medical care from every angle, providing comprehensive treatment options. Sam Bass Veterinary Wellness has a large team of veterinarians that are experienced in the care of dogs, cats, pocket pets, exotic veterinary medicine, and small farm animals. With a team of veterinary professionals working together to care for your pet, you can be confident in the care they receive.

Uncommon Talent

The veterinary team you will find here is second to none. Our doctors have an incredible breadth of backgrounds – from minimally invasive surgery, to regenerative medicine, to physical therapy, to critical care, and more. Our mission is no less than to raise the standards of healthcare that pets have access to. To build a brighter future where healing techniques are smarter and pets can better avoid disease. Because when you look into a pet’s eyes, you see loyalty, trust, and love. And that love is deserving of fierce protection.

Targeted Treatments

In the past, veterinary medicine has been far too enamored with a “one size fits all” approach. When you look at modern human medicine, the most successful techniques are highly targeted and based on an individual’s unique risk factors and biology. That is the approach we take here. Every pet who walks through our doors is seen, diagnosed, and treated as an individual. Every pet who walks through our doors receives incredible veterinary care. It is the way of the future. We’re bringing it to you, today.

Wait What?

If you have a pet, the next step is to give us a call. Our team will answer any questions you might have, and can schedule an appointment at a time convenient for you. During your pet’s appointment, we will carefully examine your companion’s different biological systems, and will ask you a bit about their history and lifestyle. If you have any concerns or goals, we will make sure to understand them and help. So just give us a call, and let’s get started.

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