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Cat teeth cleaning

Your pet is one of the family, their health and wellbeing are important to you, and one of the most important factors in that is proper dental care and pet dentistry for dogs and cats. Periodontal disease in cats and dogs is very common, and they often will show symptoms of it by the age of three, but many people don’t notice the signs of it until it’s advanced. Dental issues can also be a warning sign of other potentially serious underlying health problems. It’s vital to detect dental problems early and get treatment as soon as possible to prevent them from getting worse. Effective teeth cleaning for dogs and cats is essential to disease prevention.

Symptoms Of Dental Disease In Dogs And Cats

Pets who are having problems with their gums and/or teeth may show a variety of symptoms. Some of these might be in the form of behavior, acting moody, irritable, or listless because they’re in pain. Other symptoms are physical and more easily noticed. If you notice any of the following symptoms in your cat or dog you should take them to your vet for an examination.

  • Sour breath
  • Broken, loose, or missing teeth
  • Swelling of the gums, cheeks, and jaw
  • Discolored teeth
  • Excessive tartar buildup
  • Noticeably reduced appetite, refusing to eat
  • Mouth pain and/or bleeding
  • Abnormal chewing movements, excessive saliva, and drooling, or food falling from the mouth

Professional Pet Dentistry For Your Dogs And Cats

Your veterinarian can perform a thorough cleaning of your pet’s teeth. During the procedure they’ll be sedated, then their teeth will be polished and mechanically cleaned to remove plaque and tartar buildup, even below the gum line. Then they’ll be given a fluoride treatment and usually a sealant to protect them.
During the visit, your vet will give your dog or cat a complete examination looking for inflammation and recession of the gums and other signs of periodontal disease and tooth decay and may extract a tooth if necessary. Annual checkups are highly recommended for effective dental care for dogs and cats.

Teeth Cleaning At Home

You should brush your pet’s teeth at home every day just like you do your own. With patience and gentleness, they will get used to the brushing. Ask your dentist about special chews and treats you can give your pet to help keep their teeth clean.

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